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Proprietary Interaction

Our system to interact with entities has been proven to be 100% accurate with previously impossible speed.

This is due to our proprietary interaction system that can interact with in-game entities without looking for their model.

Increasing the speed and efficiency of scripts ten-fold, while completely removing the possibly of your script being stuck.

See it in action here.

Developer Flexibility

We allow developers to fully express their scripting abilities by imposing minimal restrictions on scripts.

Scripters can use any external libraries they please to on local scripts, or many of our approved libraries for repository scripts.

These include support for websockets, http servers, json.

We also allow any developer to push their work to our Script Delivery Network after personally reviewing their work

Interested? Come script for us.

Minimal Resource Usage

RSPeer uses less resources than any other OSRS bot on the market due to our advanced injection techniques, making it the perfect option for goldfarmers.

Our low CPU options range from hiding models to entire landscapes, interfaces and much, much more.

Old fashioned Old School Runescape bots are normally quite inefficient at saving resources. At RSPeer we guarantee that you can run at least twice the amount of bots!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this client free?

We currently offer three free instances to try out the client, once you would like to run more concurrently, you must purchase more from the store.

How do I know user submitted scripts are safe?

All scripts go through a quality assurance process conducted by RSPeer staff.

In this process, we will check for any sort of possible viruses / malware within the scripts.

Assuming any external scripts you acquire are from the repository, you will be safe.

How do I create scripts for RSPeer?

A more formal guide is in progress, but the basic steps are: Download and run the launcher, add the client jar (not the launcher) as a dependency to your java project.

The client jar can be found at My Documents/rspeer/cache/rspeer.jar, or the user directory/rspeer/cache/rspeer.jar on Mac OS X / Linux

After you have your script built into a .jar, place it into the rspeer/scripts folder, in the same base folder as the client jar.

Where can I see repository scripts?

To view all the scripts on our repository, go here.

You can view all scripts, browse by category, and search / filter.

To use a script, click Add Script, then open your bot and click run script and it will appear.

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