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RSPeer 2019

So here we are half a year after opening up to the public. Since that day, over 6,000 users have registered to join our community and use our bot. Recently we have been hitting record numbers of above 1,100 bots all online at the same time. We hope for this number to multiply – and to achieve that we will keep putting hard work into RSPeer.

On that note, we are planning to continue working every day on improving RSPeer and adding new features. Our users can expect long requested features such as the break handler to make casual botting more hassle free, more SDN options, scripts and much more. Script developers can also expect their feedback to be acted upon, from bug reports to suggestions regarding the API, additional libraries, debugging and even small QoL changes.

Below is a little sneak peek at what you can expect in the near future.

Premium Script Trials

We are working on allowing script developers to grant Premium trials to users prior to purchase. The specifics of this, such as the length, amount of instances and if they wish to grant a trial at all will be left up to the script developer to decide.

Ranks & VIP Scripts

While this is not a priority for us, purchasable ranks such as VIP or Sponsor are being considered and with them VIP exclusive scripts and additional bonus features for supporting RSPeer are also on the table. The details of this are still quite fluid, but as with Premium scripts, the decision to make a script VIP exclusive will remain with the developer. As this is still quite some time away, feedback on what you wish to see here is appreciated.

Break Handler

Once implemented, this will allow users to schedule breaks to pause or stop your bot when you are unable to do it manually. Up until now we have not prioritized this feature as most of our community consisted of goldfarmers, but now that more casual users are joining us we are actively working on this and many other features targeted at casual users. Script developers will be able to designate when it is safe for the break handler to take over as to ensure that your bot doesn’t try to log out in the middle of killing a dragon or any other such issues. More details on this will be released for script developers as this gets closer to release. As this is one of our first priorities coming into 2019, you can likely expect a first iteration of this in the next few weeks.

Instancing changes

This will be implemented soon, as discussed here. Simply put, we will be stricter towards people bypassing the instance limit by using multiple RSPeer accounts. In addition to this, initial free instances will be decreased to 1. With that being said, verified users will get 3 instances, as is currently the case. The only requirement to become a verified user is a Discord account.

Script Developer Panel

You can also hope to see an improved version of the script developer panel in the near future. We want script developers to have more control over their scripts, whether this be something as simple as changing a description or giving a trial to a user.

Internal Improvements

As most of the core features of RSPeer have been completed, we now have more time to work on improving parts that have been functional, but poorly written and optimized. This will include changes to the log, and the remote script loader which does not currently support resource loading. Additionally, we will be optimizing many internal components to improve the speed and resource efficiency of many scripts. We will also be adding JavaFX support, this previously did not work due to missing libraries

Improved Debugging

The debug tools that RSPeer current offers only covers the main attributes of interactable entities and while this is adequate for script developers, there is room for more! We want to provide as much information as possible to our script developers, without them having to waste time creating their own debugging tools. We will be working both on adding more functionality to our existing debugging tools and introducing new ones.


We have received a lot of feedback regarding our API and as such we will be working on both expanding it and providing more documentation to help out new script developers. Consideration will also be given towards providing an open source API. As usual, the work on optimization and reducing redundancy will continue.

In order to make scripts more responsive and straightforward to create we will be adding more listeners for our script developers to take advantage of. This will include listeners for detecting item/npc/player spawns and despawns along with listeners for interface components (opening interfaces, state changes and much more).


Big improvements are coming - previously there were a lot of issues due to lack of data. We have added support for most dungeons, from here on out it’s just a matter of adding more data, including obstacles and more teleportation methods. More on this will be released soon…

Thanks, The RSPeer Team

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