Setting Breaks With RSPeer

Simple guide to setting up your first breaks to help increase longevity of your accounts.

To start using breaks in your everyday botting you have to set up a breaking profile first. This can be done by clicking on the settings cog in the top right of the RSPeer frame and selecting “Break Settings”:


This will open a window where you need to create your own breaking profile(s) to use for your botting endeavors. To create a new profile you have two options:

  1. By adding break times manually using the two text fields at the bottom of the window.
  2. By generating a random profile using a standard break time deviation.

Adding break times manually

Let’s start by exploring the first option, say we want to break after approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes for a duration of 1 hour. To do this we simply enter both times in the text fields at the bottom of the window like such:


Then we press the “+” button and it will appear in our break profile’s table:


You can do this until you’ve made a profile that satisfies your breaking needs.

Generating a random breaking profile

This option makes creating a breaking profile a lot less tedious and a lot more easy! First off you click the generate random profile button after which you are met with the following input dialog:


The time you enter here will be used to determine the base rate for taking breaks. If you enter for example 04:00:00 the algorithm will generate breaks around every 4 hours whereas if you enter for example 01:30:00 the algorithm will generate breaks around every 1 hour and 30 minutes. The following image is an example of a generated break profile using a standard time deviation of 1 hours and 30 minutes:


After this you can still obviously remove certain entries and add some breaks yourself.

Last break

The standard behaviour of the break handler is to stop running the script after the last encountered break. You can however modify this behaviour if you want to bot for longer periods and continue using breaks. To do this simply select the checkbox: “Repeat breaks after last break” and the break handler will restart the breaking profile.


We understand that obviously you do not want to break at the exact time for the exact period every time you use a given breaking profile as that would make it easier for Jagex to recognize your breaking behaviour. Therefore the break time/duration is randomized internally so that you won’t be breaking for exactly one hour after 3 hours and 40 minutes every single time you use this profile.

Selecting the your breaking profile

To make use of your breaking profile you have to first save it in the break settings window. To do this press the save button and you are asked to give it a name. After doing this you can exit out of the break settings window and your break profile should now be available in the script selector: selector

Note to developers: Use BreakEvent.setCondition to control if it is a suitable time to execute the break. The default condition ensures that the bank is closed, the player is not in an instance and not in combat.