Getting Started

Getting setup with RSPeer is very simple, follow the guide below to get your first client running.

Installing Java

This client requires Java JRE or Java JDK to be downloaded and installed in order to run. We recommended using Java 11, but Java 8 is also acceptable.

We recommend using OpenJDK 11 to prevent any issues running out client. Latest versions of Oracle Java 11 have had a few issues such as java not being registered to path when installed. This can be prevented by downloading OpenJDK from the download link on the sidebar, or by installing from here: https://ninite.com/adoptjdkx11/ or https://adoptopenjdk.net/

If you experience issues with the download not registering as an executable java archive, this may mean that your file association for java has been changed, this can be fixed by downloading and running JarFix, https://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/

Downloading the RSPeer Client

You may download the RSPeer client from here: RSPeer Download.

Once you have downloaded the jar file, you will need to open it with Java. It should be as simple as double clicking the file.

Adding Scripts

To add scripts for your client to run, please visit https://app.rspeer.org/#/scripts?q=free and click the “Add” button.

You may need to login first if you have not visted this page before.

Bot Management Panel

RSPeer offers a free bot management panel to automatically launch clients with quick-start configuration and proxies on multiple computers. This is completely optional and is not required to run the client.

If you would like to utilize this free feature, view the guide here.

The RSPeer download above does not enable bot management panel, it is a separate download.

Safe Runescape OSRS Botting Guide

Checkout our beginner guide to RuneScape botting to avoid common beginner pitfalls and bootstrap your botting career.

You can view the guide here: Safe Botting Guide.