Tips for Safely Using an OSRS Bot, an OSRS Botting Guide

Common safety tips for using Runescape© OSRS bots and decreasing your ban rate.

When you bot Runescape© OSRS, you are bound to get banned sometime or another. With this guide, we aim to hopefully help you skip right past common beginner mistakes and increase your botting time as much as possible.


If you are not familiar with proxies, proxies are a way to mask your IP address from Jagex by routing all traffic through a middleman first. This will make it look to Jagex that you are in a different location than you really are.

This is extremely helpful if you are running many clients on the same computer and want to reduce the risk of chain banning (The act of your accounts being linked together from detection methods such as IP address, and banned).

Benefits of Proxies:

Masks your IP and location from Jagex, allowing you to run many clients on the same computer.

Cons of Proxies:

Can be relatively expensive. Decent premium proxies could run you up to $3-5 per month.

May get your account banned much quicker if you are using highly flagged proxies that have been re-used by many botters.

Common Beginner Mistakes Using Proxies:

  1. Using proxies from proxy websites that are advertised in the RS Community.

    1. This is the absolute worst mistake you can make, not only are these proxies highly re-used by a large amount of botters (even when claimed they aren’t.), they are usually just proxies that were created from a common VPS providers network, resulting in you using proxies that are likely flagged by Jagex as suspicious.

      1. These re-sellers are able to get around saying they aren’t re-used because they will give you a proxy that may have 1 number different in the IP, but it is still apart of the same network block.

        1. Example: vs Technically not the same proxy, but it is apart of the same network block. Easily flaggable by Jagex just by looking at the server location of the proxy using tools such as https://ipstack.com/.
      2. Many of these re-sellers will just create proxies on very popular VPS providers such as DigitalOcean, AWS, Google Cloud, Hetzner, Linode, Vultr, etc.

        1. These are mostly all flagged by Jagex because a huge quantity of botters use these providers to run bots, so it’s easy for them to see if you are in the same subnet.
      3. Your best bet here is to find a place that sells premium residential proxies, since these cannot be generated by a VPS provider.

  2. Using free or non-premium proxies.

    1. This may seem like a good way to go if you are just starting out and don’t have the money to pay for premium proxies, but it is far from a good idea. Not only are tons of botters who mainly abuse F2P botting doing this same thing, you’ll likely experience many connection issues and issues with your clients not being able to connect to RuneScape due to shoddy proxies.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Botting

A lot of botters prefer to provision VPS’s on popular cloud hosts to bot on if they do not have the resources locally. This can be a pretty decent method of scaling up a large farm, but it comes with its downfalls.

Benefits of VPS’s:

Infinite scalability and pay by minute billing. As long as you have the funds, you can keep scaling your farm out to different servers. As soon as you get banned, you can scale back down the servers to not waste any extra money.

Common Mistakes When Using VPS’s:

  1. Not using proxies when using popular VPS platforms.
    1. This directly relates back to my comment on beginner mistakes on using proxies. If you are botting with popular VPS providers, such as DigitalOcean, AWS, Google Cloud, Hetzner, Linode, Vultr, it is HIGHLY recommended to use proxies with them so that way you are not exposed to the same issue listed above with being on the same subnet as thousands of other botters who do not do this.
      1. Think about it, does a normal user play Runescape on a DigitalOcean VPS? No. This makes it very suspicious to Jagex when you do and its an easy way to get your account flagged.
      2. Of course some people play with VPN’s, which may use one of these providers as a host. These are mostly legit players though, so having a flagged account wont affect them since they are not botting.

Avoid Using Public Highly Used Free Scripts

This section is completely anecdotal and results may vary per user, but here are my thoughts:

If you want to have success in botting, it is highly recommended that you create your own scripts or you invest in premium scripts available on the SDN / private scripts that other scripters can build for you.

A large part of ban detection is related to pattern recognition. If you are using a very popular free script that thousands of other botters also use, there is an extremely high chance of your account’s patterns being recognized as bot-like because thousands of other clients are doing the same thing.

A benefit of private scripting or a premium script with a low user count is that you are the only one or the few amount of users who run the script, meaning the sample size of pattern detection is exponentially smaller and much harder for Jagex to automatically flag your account.

Now again, this does NOT mean that free scripts are inherently bad or shouldn’t be used. Free scripts can be just as good as premium scripts, even better sometimes, if they are written well. Example: a user was able to achieve using my mining script https://forums.rspeer.org/topic/1124/99-mining, that has over 3000 users. https://forums.rspeer.org/topic/278/rspeer-official-rspeer-aio-miner

The main issue seen with free scripts sometimes is that they can appear extremely bot-like. This could mean things such as that it walks directly to a tile first and then interacts with an NPC, even if its right next to it. The alternative, less bot-like, way would be to walk towards the NPC and interact with it while walking once you see it (as this is what most players would normally do.)

To re-iterate one more time, these findings are completely anecdotal and your experience may vary.


This one is definitely a controversial subject. On one side of the spectrum, many people believe that breaks are the only way to keep your account alive. While on the other side, many people believe that breaks do absolutely nothing and you should run your clients 247 for maximum efficiency.

I don’t have much advice here because it really depends on your end goal. If you are trying to farm gold for maximum profit and using a low requirement method (such as making bowstrings), you likely would want to run your clients 247 because you are going to get banned either way. You may as well make it as profitable as possible.

If you are trying to bot a method that has high requirements and is only profitable if your account lasts for awhile, you may be better off using breaks and only botting during the normal hours of the day. Normal humans do not bot 8 hours during the day, take a 30 minute break, then bot 10 more hours.

Looking Glass / Mirror Mode Does Not Help As Much As You Think

This one is another controversial subject. As seen on other clients, you may have seen them advertise something called Looking Glass or Mirror Mode. This is mostly just marketing hype to make you feel safe from “scary injection into the client”. This process is called instrumentation, and it is basically a way to read values from the client without injecting into it.

Other bot clients will claim that instrumentation is the way to go because traditional methods of injection or reflection into the client allows Jagex to see that you have embedded their client inside yours, increasing the likelihood of them being able to automatically flag your account.

This is actually a pretty big common misconception. Jagex DOES indeed check for an application injecting into their client to manipulate its values, but heres where the misconception lies: Since we are injected into the client, we can SPOOF the data that Jagex is looking for to be able to tell if we are using injection / reflection, instead of instrumentation. This basically means that as long as the client you are using is spoofing the data properly back to Jagex, then using injection is as safe as instrumentation and much more efficient resource wise.

TLDR: Looking Glass / Mirror Mode is just marketing fluff to make you feel safer when it has no real benefit if the client you are using uses injection / reflection properly.

Using High Risk, Highly Detected Methods

There are many methods where, no matter what you do, you WILL get banned. You could have the best proxies on planet earth, the best breaking system, the best script, but if you are attempting to a bot a highly detected method, you WILL get banned faster than you want.

Some of these methods may include: Spinning flax into bow strings, F2P Woodcutting, F2P mining, etc. Mostly any F2P method with low or zero requirements is likely to be highly detected if many other botters are aware of it.

^ This is not a definite list, but just common methods that I have seen with high ban rates.

From what we’ve experienced, purely anecdotal, Jagex seems to only ban when they are in office, so during the off hours of the Jagex work day, and during the weekend, you may be able to get in a good amount of botting hours to profit before you receive your ban.

Twitch Prime Membership

Accounts created using twitch prime memberships have been shown to have a much higher ban rate than ones that were membered using traditional methods such as bonds. We could assume that Jagex is watching twitch prime membership accounts much more closely than other types of accounts. Twitch prime is not a recommended way to member accounts if you are trying to last a long time while botting.

Proxies And Tutorial Island

This is more related to accounts being locked instead of banned when using proxies.

If you create your account on one IP, and then switch to a different IP to do tutorial island, you may see that your account is insta-locked immediately after.

We believe this is due to the fact that your location changes too quickly between the time of account creation and actually doing tutorial island.

I am not sure at this time if there is any relation to botting tutorial island vs doing it manually in terms of ban rates, but I just wanted to speak about locked accounts.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and that it helped you out in staying safe in your botting. Thank you.