What Makes RSPeer Superior?

Why should you use us? Here is what makes us different than other botting clients.

What Other Clients Do

Ever since the release of RSBot there has been a ‘standard’ way of performing interaction in botting clients. Interactions are performed using a virtual mouse to click on things on the game canvas. Back in the day this worked decent and the ban rates for using this virtual mouse was fine. However the virtual mouse has always had its disadvantages, it is slow, unreliable and inaccurate.

Ever since Jagex implemented their automated bot flagging system other botting clients have focused on ‘antiban’ and on ‘human mouse movement’. These methods have a clear negative effect on the already suboptimal performance of the virtual mouse and the speed at which the scripts can perform actions. Many clients have a mouse speed limit above which script writers are not allowed to go and their ‘human mouse movement’ often cause inaccurate clicks with long mouse paths.

These methods seem not to have much influence on banrates however, use a public script on OSBot or Powerbot and I’ll be surprised if you last more than two days. Jagex seem to be fairly decent at detecting these botting clients even though their mouse movement is ‘extremely humanlike’ and their anti-ban is ‘level 10 compliant’. Other clients also offer ‘mirror mode’ which is supposed to decrease ban rates, when all it is is just a deceiving effort at getting the user to pay more. All in all the other botting clients take a very reactive stance to Jagex’s bot detection and their efforts are clearly ineffective. RSPeer is different, instead of copying the ancient RSBot model and ever so slightly changing it the developers have completely reinvented interaction.

What RSPeer Does

RSPeer has a completely different and new way to interact with the game. It doesn’t use a virtual mouse to click on objects or NPCs. The interaction in RSPeer is instantaneous, efficient and consistently reliable. The mouse doesn’t need to be moved for RSPeer to interact and neither do game entities need to be visible for them to be ‘clicked’ on. All of this together makes RSPeer extremely fast and it makes writing scripts for RSPeer a breeze as you don’t need to worry about the possibility of miss-clicks or having to move the camera.

A question that is often asked after giving this explanation is: “But would this not increase ban rates?” or: “Couldn’t Jagex easily see that there is no mouse movement?”. The answer to this is that Jagex does not see the data you might think they do. Even though RSPeer requires no mouse movement and no camera movement to perform interaction, it spoofs this data and sends it to Jagex. They receive the same information as they would from a human player using the official client.

Since the mouse data and other data used by Jagex for detecting bots does not actually come from a virtual mouse or from interacting with the game in RSPeer, it can be as random and patternless as is desired without affecting the ability to interact with the game. While this is not exactly how the data is spoofed, it is certainly nothing like other botting clients whom’s data cannot be effectively random. This causes RSPeer to be able to send much less bot-like data to the server simply because the data does not come from the bot’s interactions.

All of this is handled under the hood, it may not be visible to the user but it is definitely present. Jagex may take extra steps to make it harder for RSPeer to operate but we have client experts who can just as well take extra steps to make sure Jagex doesn’t notice a thing. This does not mean there is no chance of getting banned using RSPeer, and botting will never be risk free, but use it for a while and any sensible person will notice the difference.