Asked and answered

Why should I use RSPeer?

Please see our comparison article of RSPeer vs other botting clients to see the benefit of using RSPeer. That can be viewed here.

Is this client free?

We currently offer one free instance to try out the client, once you would like to run more concurrently, you must purchase more from the store. or you may verify your RSPeer account on our Discord server to gain access to 3 total instances. Join our Discord here.

How do I know user submitted scripts are safe?

All scripts go through a quality assurance process conducted by RSPeer staff.

In this process, we will check for any sort of possible viruses / malware within the scripts.

Assuming any external scripts you acquire are from the repository, you will be safe.

How do I create scripts for RSPeer?

Visit https://app.rspeer.org/#/developer and sign up for a repository using a GitLab account.

Follow this video guide: (Please note: Some steps may not look exactly that same as in the video due to website updates, but it should be similar.)

Where can I see repository scripts?

To view all the scripts on our repository, go here.

You can view all scripts, browse by category, and search / filter.

To use a script, click Add Script, then open your bot and click run script and it will appear.