RSPeer Inuvation FAQ

Asked and answered

What is RSPeer Inuvation?

RSPeer Inuvation is a premium Runescape 3 (RS3) botting client.

Is this client free?

No, RSPeer Inuvation will have a monthly cost of $200 to allow us to cap the max users to 50 and retain that premium / private feel.

What do I get with this monthly subscription?

When you subscribe to RSPeer Inuvation, you will receive complete unrestricted access to the client. You will have the ability to run as many instances as you would like for as long as you’d like. You will also be given API access so you can build and run your own scripts.

Is this better than Powerbot, EpicBot, RuneMate?

RSPeer Inuvation is in a completely different ballpark than these highly used botting clients.

These clients focus on supplying the masses with a platform to bot their RuneScape account on. This in turn has the disadvantage of giving extremely large amounts of data to Jagex to track patterns and detect clients on a quicker scale. We are striving to keep our user count at 50 to reduce detection and supply that premium service you are expecting.

What happens If my month ends and I do not renew?

Since we have a max user count, if you do not renew your account within 7 days after your month ends, we will remove your subscription to make room for another user.

Will you have a script repository?

Yes we will have a script repository. Scripts from this repository will only be from our hand-chosen premium script developers and staff. We cannot allow just anyone to upload scripts onto the RSPeer Innovation SDN because it requires a subscription to do so.

Can I share my RSPeer account with my friends?

No you may not share your RSPeer account with your friends. This would completely defeat the purpose of the capped user count. If you are caught doing so, your subscription will be removed and no refund will be given.

Can I try out the client to see if I like it?

Unfortunately this is something we cannot do. You’ll just have to trust that we know how to build clients. The feel of the client will be extremely similar to RSPeer for OSRS.

If we gave out trials to everyone first, many users would try to take advantage of the situation by creating duplicate accounts, bypassing limits, etc. This overall would ruin the feel of the client and not allow us to cap it.

What is your refund policy on RSPeer Inuvation?

Refunds can be discussed on a case by case basis. If you are having issues running the client, scripts not working, etc, a refund may be issued. Refunds will not be given for bans, although we feel as this should not be that much of a concern.